SDS Management Solutions

You need GHS-compliant safety documents accessible for employees 24/7 and you need the data within SDSs "unlocked" so it can be used for regulatory analysis. Actio can help.

To capitalize on the Safety Data you already have, companies need to leverage information contained in a raw material SDS for analysis and to use that information to author finished good SDS. This way, raw material SDS are available for worker safety related compliance, and your finished good SDS are ready to provide timely safety information to your customers.

Automated SDS distribution enables you to publish your SDS to your own website, or you can warehouse them on Actio's website, where documents can be faxed, emailed, downloaded and printed. Actio can even use your specific data, such as ERP sales data, allowing it to feed directly into the repository and automatically distribute the right SDS document to a specific market. This is what Enterprise level SDS management and distribution can mean for you.

Companies like ITW, Behr and Saint Gobain rely on Actio’s SDS  Management Solutions to streamline operations around getting products to market faster, keep facilities compliant, and getting the right documents into the right hands, in the right language, quickly, 24/7, anywhere in the world. The Actio unique IntelligenTEXT™ database lets users search for terms as specific or as general as needed. 

Honored by ComputerWorld and in use by businesses worldwide, Actio's robust, powerful SDS Management Solution provides compliance with OSHA and GHS mandates, as well as the ability to leverage the data already available to you within the related documents.

What to look for in a SDS Management solution:

  • An easy-to-learn interface for fast familiarity and increased usage
  • Standardized text format for meaningful search, e.g., a search engine that makes searching documents easier, more efficient, more productive than merely scanning a PDF document image for terms
  • Uniform SDSs (documents and data) across the enterprise for faster training
  • Reporting: “unlocked” data allows for detailed, robust, customized reports
  • Summary Sheets: at-a-glance “notecard” versions, for users to quickly see key aspects of safety data, as defined by you
  • GHS SDS authoring and label generation
  • No manual data entry
  • Access to accurate, consistent product environmental, health, and safety data
  • Many more......

Actio Difference:

  • Award-winning,
  • Secure & proven
    software 10+ years in
    the making
  • Dedicated Customer
    Service & support
  • Behind-the-scenes SDS
  • Summary Sheets:

Case Study

BlueLinx Thumb

Safety Data Management & Distribution

America’s leading distributor of building products BlueLinx needed a reliable, robust solution for Safety Data Sheet Management and Distribution.

BlueLinx Corporation (NYSE: BXC) offers over 10,000 products from almost 800 suppliers, and sells to and services over 11,500 customers across North America. BlueLinx began in 1954 as a simple distribution facility for plywood, as a division of Georgia-Pacific Corporation. Today, BlueLinx has one of the most complex and robust supply networks in the Western Hemisphere, as one of the country’s largest distributors of building products.

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