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New Material Approval Solutions

New regulations such as conflict minerals rules, REACH and RoHS in Europe, California "Prop 65" and other restrictions are adding to the complexities of ordering new materials. A collaborative software system cuts costs and saves time. Find out how it works.

Given today's more stringent global regulatory landscape, introducing new products or product formulations is becoming more and more complex for manufacturers and requires a cross section of enterprise stakeholders to conduct an enormous amount of due diligence before bringing new chemicals/materials on site for research and development or manufacturing use.  

For example, the Safety and Hygiene overseers need new material toxicity information and personal protection requirements. Environmental and Risk Management want to ensure substances inside raw materials pass global regulatory criteria and support corporate sustainability objectives. Materials Engineering needs to analyze component information for compatibility with existing and future materials planned for manufacturing.

Best practices and technology support to control, cross-check and manage the process of acquiring new chemicals is critical. Without it, companies risk the high costs associated with process inefficiencies, as well as uninformed decisions that may cause revenue loss from product delays, redundant supply, non-compliance, or worse, brand damage caused by product recalls.

Find out how the solution would work for you.

What to look for in a New Material solution:

  • Speed up new material approvals process

  • Provide a platform for communicating with colleagues about new materials

  • Facilitates lean manufacturing and lean operations by streamlining chemical / material research and approval processes

  • Safety and Hygiene can easily provide the toxicity and personal protection requirements of the material

  • Environmental and Risk Management can confirm that the substances within raw materials requested pass global and internal compliance hurdles

  • Materials Engineering can provide key component information for compatibility with existing and future materials planned for manufacturing

  • Many more......

OUR Difference:

  • Award-winning,
    market tested
  • Secure & proven
    software 15+ years in
    the making
  • Dedicated Customer
    Service & support
  • Behind-the-scenes SDS
  • Several Different
    Use Cases

Case Study

Global Aerospace

Global aerospace manufacturer cuts material approval times by 75%

This international aerospace company, with revenues in the billions, seeks to streamline its new material ordering process; the result is a 75% time & resource savings.

The aerospace industry is known for inventing, driving and implementing advanced technology to solve complex engineering problems. Processes are implemented throughout design and manufacturing to ensure that chemicals, parts and systems.

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