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Conflict Minerals Solutions

In an attempt to mitigate unsavory aspects of a global supply chain, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) created trade protocols. For many companies, compliance is necessary. Enviance can help.

With the second filing period nearing its close for conflict minerals compliance under US Dodd-Frank Act Section 1502— known as the Conflict Minerals rule— many businesses have become aware that their current system for tracking substances and smelters is not working. Enviance can help. 

Enviance believes that collecting smelter and supplier data can be done reliably while keeping details of a supply chain confidential— this includes keeping supplier identities private and screened from one another, because the identities of suppliers is private information, part of your company's strategic advantage. Some solutions expose supplier identities to a large pool of subscribers; Enviance offers sophisticated technology that does not require such exposure.  

Enviance has learned over the years that a conflict minerals reporting program can also be used for compliance with Europe's REACH and RoHS and WEEE, and similar regulations worldwide. Companies are tracking and reporting on substances for all kinds of regulations. One central solution for substance-level product compliance is not only possible, it's desirable, to reduce redundancy and streamline operations. Cost cuts inevitably result from  optimized business processes which are natural offspring of this approach.

Find out what Enviance's Conflict Minerals Solution can do for you.

What to look for in a Conflict Minerals solution:

  • Easy-to-use reporting
  • Easy-to-learn interface
  • Compliance in all relevant languages
  • Mechanisms that stimulate upstream supplier communication
  • Supplier identity confidentiality (from each other, or from any entity)
  • Centralized part, supplier & regulatory information from many sources
  • Real-time validation of Conflict Mineral Report Template (CMRT) data
  • Upload, parsing, field mapping of all CMRT data
  • A centralized, database-driven technology
  • Extensive data security measures
  • Many more......

Our Difference:

  • Award-winning,
    market tested
  • Secure & proven
    software 15+ years in
    the making
  • Dedicated Customer
    Service & support
  • Behind-the-scenes DATA and document-gathering
  • Compliance Reports:



There's a Better Way to Manage Chemicals

Enviance's chemical management software is designed to help protect workers from hazardous substances while providing companies with the tools to authorize, track and manage materials down to the molecular level.

As more and more companies vow to track ingredients “from field to fork” after seeing the infamous “horse meat scandal,” massive toy recalls, and similar incidents, any successful initiative towards supply chain transparency deserves to be studied. How exactly did this company achieve their supply chain visibility goals? What tools did they use, what approach did they take, where did they begin? At last, here are some answers from a major company in the real world.

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