Chemical Management Solutions

Actio offers unique process improvement software for the evaluation, approval and ordering of new raw materials, then managing all inventory data about those materials once they arrive at your facility, and on through storage, usage and waste streams.  

Now all stages of the chemical lifecycle— from new material approvals through arrivals onsite, storage, usage and disposal— can be linked. And if that consolidated information is properly stored, analysis and compliance reports can be drawn from the central databank that houses the information. This changes your company. Now your company moves from an entity that reacts to one that has a strategic approach to managing supplied materials, bringing products to market and protecting worker and facility safety.

Data about raw materials should be instantly converted to a unit of measure that is standard across your entire enterprise. This way, threshold amounts and total quantities can be easily calculated. Reports for internal analysis, forecasting, and for compliance with global regulations such as REACH, RoHS, and WEEE depend on it.

Another aspect of chemical management is the generation of an audit trail for newly arrived chemicals. Actio’s advanced labeling functions couple inventory information with container labeling to facilitate inventory logs, inventory distribution and location of storage. Recurring usages are automatically calculated and reorder thresholds are automatically triggered.

Actio's Chemical Management Solution centralizes materials information. Centralized information along with enterprise-wide permissioned access to substance-level data gives many departments the control, data insight and analysis tools they need for human and environmental safety, product stewardship and regulatory demands. 

Chemical Management solutions should have:

  • Easy-to-use reporting
  • Easy-to-learn interface
  • Minimal manual data entry: We do it!
  • New material approval process is automated
  • Inventory bar coding & label generation
  • Raw material and chemical tracking / control
  • GHS document compliance & label generation
  • IntelligenText: instant, meaningful database searches
  • Structured, uniform data sheets for internal use or for distribution
  • Access to Actio's Master Library of every safety document you may need
  • Many more......

Actio Difference:

  • Award-winning, market-tested
  • Secure & proven
    software 10+ years in
    the making
  • Dedicated Customer
    Service & support
  • Behind-the-scenes SDS
  • Summary Sheets:

Case Study

BlueLinx Thumb

Safety Data Management & Distribution

America’s leading distributor of building products BlueLinx needed a reliable, robust solution for Safety Data Sheet Management and Distribution.

BlueLinx Corporation (NYSE: BXC) offers over 10,000 products from almost 800 suppliers, and sells to and services over 11,500 customers across North America. BlueLinx began in 1954 as a simple distribution facility for plywood, as a division of Georgia-Pacific Corporation. Today, BlueLinx has one of the most complex and robust supply networks in the Western Hemisphere, as one of the country’s largest distributors of building products.

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