Under new requirements for Safety Data Sheets, now more than ever companies must provide access to accurate, up-to-date environmental, health, and safety documents and labels, demonstrate GHS and EHS compliance with global and regional regulatory variations, and manage compliance in all relevant languages.

Astra Zeneca, Behr Process, Textron and Owens Corning are just a few companies who have found a solution in SDS Vault. This cutting edge software from Actio allows stakeholders to analyze supply data and regulatory details to create accurate reports and make quick, informed decisions about how to best manage materials for maximum return and minimal risk exposure. Actio’s SDS Vault system requires little or no training and promises lower costs, streamlined operations as well as compliance in over 18 languages. The system is highly scalable and can be up and running quickly, and your dedicated Client Services Manager will be with you to provide guidance, documentation and a personal touch for as long as you are working with Actio.

Vault puts both product and substance level data right at your fingertips, in one dynamic application. And it's much more than a repository for SDS data. SDS Vault is powered by Actio’s cutting-edge IntelligenTEXT™ technology, which organizes and manages a manufacturer’s SDS data in defined fields that are structured down to the microscopic level – facilitating unlimited search, analysis and reporting capabilities. Find out more, be amazed at today's SDS Vault!

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SDS Vault features include:

  • User-friendly, updated interface and reporting
  • Extensive search, analysis and reporting capabilities
  • A centralized SDS library providing (permission-based) online access
  • Your company logo on all your finished good documents
  • Unlimited location hierarchy, from Headquarters to region to unique facility
  • “Anytime” accessibility, from any timezone
  • SDS and related data stored as content in a relational database
  • Product and substance data on one application
  • Quick-reference GHS summary sheets
  • Support for all formats and languages, ensuring global compliance
  • A database-driven platform that adapts to changes in regulations and formats
  • A service that collects updated SDS documents for you
  • Fluency in over 18 languages for fast-tracked global-time-to-market
  • Enhanced rules engine for distributing finished-product SDS to customers
  • Rights / permissions management based on enterprise or location
  • Support for GHS documents and legacy ANSI and OSHA formatted documents
  • IntelligenTEXT™ database allows for quick search or advanced search
  • E-Z generation of customized regulatory reports, documents and labels
  • An integrated, comprehensive library of more than 150 international, federal, state and local regulatory lists
  • Documents with uniform appearance can be emailed, faxed, or printed directly from toolbar



How to Convert to the Globally Harmonized System of Chemical Classification

On September 30, 2009, OSHA announced that it will be pursuing GHS. GHS -- the Globally Harmonized System of chemical classification and labeling -- is the next step in the march towards greening the manufacturing industry. Market leading companies are already positioned for GHS.

Dec 4th, 2009 - Industry Week

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Case Study

BlueLinx Thumb

Safety Data Management & Distribution

America’s leading distributor of building products BlueLinx needed a reliable, robust solution for Safety Data Sheet Management and Distribution.

BlueLinx Corporation (NYSE: BXC) offers over 10,000 products from almost 800 suppliers, and sells to and services over 11,500 customers across North America. BlueLinx began in 1954 as a simple distribution facility for plywood, as a division of Georgia-Pacific Corporation. Today, BlueLinx has one of the most complex and robust supply networks in the Western Hemisphere, as one of the country’s largest distributors of building products.

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