Saint Gobain and Behr Process are examples of companies producing and distributing raw material, finished goods and chemical safety information to customers in record time— by partnering with Actio. SDS Author is a professional service and Safety Data Sheet (SDS) authoring solution that creates compliant SDSs on finished goods containing hazardous materials.

For a fraction of the cost of authoring your own safety data sheets, SDS Author takes the raw material information stored in the SDS Vault data library to create SDS information relevant to your unique product formulations. This information is then analyzed against Actio’s entire aggregation of regulatory content to identify potential hazards, health effects, and compliance requirements. The outcome is a comprehensive, custom, detailed database of product information, which is used to generate SDS for your customers around the world, in over 40 languages. 

Now your customers can have round-the-clock, online access to accurate, up-to-date SDS documents with your company logo on them— at a fraction of the cost than if you did it yourself.

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SDS Author features include:

  • As an outsourced service, Actio's Authoring system creates SDS documents for your products
  • Actio's Authoring division is overseen by a Certified Industrial Hygeinist and Professional Chemical Engineer to assure accuracy
  • Functions based on extensive research with industry standards
  • Leverages Actio’s extensive library of standard phrases for accuracy
  • Once generated, document supports a wide range of global formats and languages
  • Frequency of document re-draft is determined by manufacturer
  • Professionally branded SDS and GHS documents with your company logo will enhance corporate image
  • SDS Author uses raw material information stored in the SDS Vault database
  • SDS Author leverages the Actio platform’s database-driven technology, IntelligenTEXT™, which organizes SDS data in defined fields in a database
  • Unlimited search, analysis and reporting capabilities
  • Dynamic content environment that can quickly respond to change
  • Changes in your product formulations, supplier SDS data, or global regulations requires one update to platform’s centralized database
  • Uses standard data forms already in the system to pull information from data fields
  • All Safety Data Sheets are published in a uniform format, saving time and money in training and in accessing information in the field



Hosted Services Tapped to Manage Data on Chemicals

An emerging class of hosted services is designed to make it easier for manufacturing companies to manage the material safety data sheets (MSDS) required for each of the chemicals used in their products.

September 30th, 2005 - Computerworld

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Case Study


Solution: ingredients and substances — how one company achieved supply chain transparency

This multi-million dollar food company is a primary supplier to McDonald’s, Burger King and other restaurants worldwide. They need software that can provide visibility into supply chain, down to the smallest ingredient identity and the quantities thereof.

As more and more companies vow to track ingredients “from field to fork” after seeing the infamous “horse meat scandal,” massive toy recalls, and similar incidents, any successful initiative towards supply chain transparency deserves to be studied. How exactly did this company achieve their supply chain visibility goals? What tools did they use, what approach did they take, where did they begin? At last, here are some answers from a major company in the real world.

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