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In manufacturing, when it’s time to procure a new material, the request must take a specific approval path: 1) Safety and Hygiene reviews the requested material for its toxicity and personal protection requirements; 2) Environmental screens for HAPs, VOCs, chlorinated solvents, air and water permits; 3) Risk Management checks local and global regulatory guidelines and PR objectives; 4) Materials Engineering monitors all new component information for compatibility with existing and future or planned materials; and 5) Product Stewardship considers all this plus the environmental impact of the finished good from a product life cycle perspective. These steps can be interdependent and/or concurrent.

Best practices and technology infrastructure to control and manage the acquisition of new chemicals enterprise wide helps leading companies reduce costs associated with process inefficiencies with an automated review and approval system that manages the approval cycle real-time and enables sophisticated pre-screening against regulatory lists or customer mandated prohibited substance lists.

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Actio Gatekeeper features include:

  • Material approval process is automated, controlled, and transparent – to those with correct permissions
  • Eliminates duplicate, unnecessary purchases
  • Encourages accurate, timely assessments from all stakeholders in an auditable format
  • Invokes auto-verification of international, regional, local and pending regulatory compliance
  • Specific health, safety and storage requirements available at-a-glance
  • Reduced corporate costs associated with delays, recalls
  • Corporate and product sustainability goals can be addressed in the material procurement phase
  • Minimized solution investment for quick, measurable ROI
  • Reduced risk and liability associated with chemical inventory or non-compliant materials
  • MSDS data, GHS, extended-SDS and worker safety data can be linked with the new material request and approval
  • Communicate across departments during new-material approval process
  • Analyze requested materials and proposed combinations against regulation data, and, ideally, against substance-level ingredient data
  • Share knowledge internally about hazardous, banned or incompatible materials to prevent use in toxic combinations, insufficient storage, or unforeseen waste
  • Connect new material ordering with substance database



Global aerospace manufacturer cuts material-approval time by 75%

The aerospace industry is known for inventing, driving, and implementing advanced technology to solve complex engineering problems. Processes are implemented throughout design and manufacturing to ensure that chemicals, parts, and systems.

February 17th, 2010 - SAE International

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Case Study

Global Aerospace

Global aerospace manufacturer cuts material approval times by 75%

This international aerospace company, with revenues in the billions, seeks to streamline its new material ordering process; the result is a 75% time & resource savings.

The aerospace industry is known for inventing, driving and implementing advanced technology to solve complex engineering problems. Processes are implemented throughout design and manufacturing to ensure that chemicals, parts and systems.

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