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Material Disclosure
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Conflict Mineral Compliance

With the first filing deadline coming up for conflict minerals under the US Dodd-Frank Conflict-mineral-serviceSection 1502 — the so-called Conflict Minerals rule — many businesses are aware that current systems aren't working. Knowing that is a good start. Then, demonstrating intent to comply sends a powerful signal in the event of an audit by the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

Companies like Intel, Philips and others can already to declare products entirely "conflict free." Your company may not be that far along. That's okay. But you can gather and cull a surprising amount of supply chain data about conflict minerals in a short period of time. Take a half-hour or so to discuss your options with an expert at Actio.

Lauded by GartnerLearn more about how Gartner analysts as well as independent evaluators lauded Actio's solution. 


Actio believes that collecting supplier data can be done while keeping details confidential. This includes not only keeping bill of materials data secret, but also supplier identities. Some solutions expose such information to a large pool of subscribers. Actio has more robust technology that does not require exposure in that way. 

Actio believes that a conflict minerals reporting program can also be used for compliance with Europe's REACH and RoHS and WEEE regulations. Because in the end, companies are tracking and reporting on substances for all these regulations. One central solution for substance-level product compliance is not only possible, it's desirable, to reduce redundancy and streamline operations. Saving money comes naturally through optimized business processes.

Enterprises today see a strategic advantage in keeping supply chain information private and optimizing business processes. That's why they turn to Actio for the fully integrated Conflict Mineral Regulatory Compliance Solution. Find out more today by using the Instant Sign Up form on the right side of this page. You sign up, and someone from Actio contacts you right away.

Conflict mineral compliance reference tools—

Reference tools (no charge) to help you with compliance are here. Please use them.

The toughest part of the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) conflict mineral compliance may well be communicating regularly and reliably with stakeholders – internally and in the supply chain network – about raw materials at the substance level and their origins.

Another challenge is protecting the strategic advantage of your supplier network, thus keeping identities of suppliers, and data they provide, confidential.

The Actio solution handles these issues in one powerful, proven platform.

Secure, award-winning Material Disclosure software has been lauded by Gartner and others – for example, by a panel of independent judges comparing products for Environmental Leader. Analysts and judges from Fortune 100 companies studied the product in depth and evangelized the benefits. With Actio, companies can protect trade secrets, and protect the identities of their suppliers, while managing governance and risk assessment associated with substances of concern in a global supply chain.

Not only does the Actio system keep valuable supply chain information private only to you, but it ensures your compliance with hundreds of other regulations beyond conflict mineral rules.

Compliance with REACH, RoHS, WEEE and any other regulation concerning the declaration of a chemical-substance in a supply chain follows naturally from tracking substances and their origins for conflict mineral compliance.

The Actio system is a fully integrated risk management platform solution — integrating Conflict-Minerals-specific data management with other regulatory compliance opportunities around the world, including custom declarable lists and lists particular to your industry. Using the simple contact form we designed (above right), it's easy to find out how this solution might work for you. 




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