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MSDS Vault - MSDS Software Solutions

SDS-software-GHSLooking for a more efficient method of managing SDS at your facilities? Actio's SDS Vault software provides you with a "best practices" approach for managing global environmental health and safety compliance. The approach works — whether an enterprise seeks leaner operations, more compliance assurance under the OSHA Hazardous Communication Standard in the U.S., or worker safety codes anywhere in the world. 

Vault is internet based, easy to use, and proven. (Review customer testimonials here).

GHS and Safety Data Sheet management software:  HazCom and risk management around safety documents begins here. Vault takes SDS distribution and SDS compliance to the next level: where sensitive document management is more efficient, more user friendly, and more cost effective than ever. And now that GHS deadlines are upon us, software becomes more critical. If you're looking to simplify your search for SDS Management Software, you might be interested in this complimentary download, a checklist for features to look for:

Checklist of Features to Look For in SDS Management Software

Easily manage SDS compliance, along with updating extended-SDS, GHS and CLP documents, Worker Safety Cards, and related HazCom documents in native languages in over 100 countries.  Vault is the first of its kind Software-as-a-Service material safety data sheet software. 

Because Vault was first, it's been tested in the real world, with real companies and everyday situations, and built upon and improved upon the longest. Sign up to see what we've learned that you can use.

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SDS distribution:  Astra Zeneca, Behr Process and Textron are just a few of more than 200 manufacturers who have chosen to rely on Actio for the complex, labor-intensive task of managing SDS compliance and SDS distribution. Any sized entity can use the software. The solution can be up and running within weeks in many cases.

It's so much easier, it saves so much time and money, to automate the management and distribution of SDS documents! It's that simple.

SDS management:  Using Actio’s leading relational database-powered technology for centralized HAZCOM data administration, SDS Vault is an on-demand, online, centralized chemical and worker safety data sheet software system that provides 24/7 accessibility – from anywhere in the world – to accurate, consistent product safety information. 

Vault takes health and safety to a new level by allowing permissioned access to the data to workers across all facilities.  As a result, manufacturers are able to meet health, safety and environmental requirements in compliance with international, federal, state and local regulations.

Safety Data Sheet Challenges

GHS-software-ActioOver the course of a year, about 20% of SDS need revisions, requiring additional staff to manage the process and then update documents across all global locations. With chemical inventories often ranging from several thousand  per facility to more than 25,000 enterprise wide, managing SDS data is very labor intensive and costly. 

With environmental issues and employee “right to know” safety concerns on the rise, companies using potentially hazardous substances  face a dual challenge of  mitigating risk to employees while trying to reduce the high costs and complexities of compliance management. To meet EH&S compliance demands and hazard communication standards, companies are required to maintain and provide accurate, timely MSDS, SDS, CLP and GHS information to employees, informing them of hazardous chemicals used at a facility and important protocols to follow related to each particular substance. Furthermore, EU REACH regulations require the availability of SDS and extended SDS.

For most manufacturers, (M)SDS management is isolated by location and not consistent or shared across all facilities.  Administering a centralized program by hand, the old-fashioned way, is very labor intensive, requiring EHS staff to acquire, track and store an enormous amount of (M)SDS and substance data and keep it handy.  It's a health and safety management challenge that's shaking the foundation of modern materials management.

Safety Data Sheet Solution

The SDS Vault centralized materials information management system provides the enterprise on-demand access to mission-critical SDS and substance-level data required for human and environmental safety while meeting regulatory demands worldwide. 

More than a repository for MSDS and GHS documents, SDS Vault is powered by Actio’s cutting-edge IntelligenTEXT™ technology, which organizes and manages a manufacturer’s SDS data in defined fields that are structured down to the microscopic level – facilitating unlimited search, analysis and reporting capabilities.  To assist in global compliance, SDS Vault has integrated a comprehensive library of more than 150 international, federal, state and local regulatory lists that can identify potential chemical liability by comparing a company’s chemical inventory against regulatory content in near real time.

SDS Vault provides employees across all facilities timely, online access to accurate, consistent material safety data sheet data.  Assembled from the content in the IntelligenTEXT™ database, SDS data is presented to the user in a uniform, easy-access format.  Data can quickly be turned into reports that can be emailed, faxed or printed directly from the SDS toolbar.  Easy!  Time-saving!  And easy to locate later on.

Summary sheets or regional worker safety cards that consolidate specific SDS information for quick access can also be provided. The IntelligenTEXT™ database includes a glossary allowing users to cross-reference unknown terms against a library of more than 100,000 definitions.  In addition, the database can easily create NFPA or Federal and State regulatory reports and create HAZCOM labels linking the actual chemical/manufacturer data with the secondary container or shipping label.  

SDS Vault supports a variety of SDS formats, such as ANSI, OSHA, GHS (Global Harmonized System), GHS Japan and Australia, WHMIS, Worker Safety Cards, and EC Directive, and supports all languages, ensuring 100% global compliance with all hazard communication standards.

SDS Vault subscribers have the luxury of delegating all of the burdens associated with SDS management to Actio Corporation.  Designated Account Teams handle the acquisition, organization and revision maintenance for your SDS inventory enterprise-wide, as well as provide customer and technical support and training to designated employees. SDS Vault also serves as a distribution platform for manufacturers to easily supply their customers with SDS documents.

Safety Data Sheet Software Benefits:

  • SDS data is stored as content in a relational database providing structured data to the substance level – facilitating extensive search, analysis and reporting capabilities for quicker, better health and safety management
  • Centralized SDS library provides online access to SDS-compliant documents ensuring around-the-clock accessibility and consistency throughout the enterprise – while minimizing distribution costs
  • Supports a variety of SDS-compliant formats and languages ensuring 100% global compliance and promoting improved worker safety records
  • Database-driven platform provides unparalleled flexibility to quickly adapt to changes in regulations, format requirements or supplier SDS information – without the high cost of SDS re-creation
  • SDS Vault can be leveraged to link all stages of the chemical life cycle –  reducing chemical handling costs and providing visibility and transparency of your chemical footprint across the enterprise
  • Delivered as Software as a Service (SaaS) with no hardware and software to purchase and maintain providing faster time to benefit and lower total cost of ownership

Material Safety Data Sheet software makes for a leaner department and more efficient reporting, SDS compliance with the OSHA hazardous communication standard, Worker Safety codes, and SDS distribution.  Click here to see a partial list of Actio customers.

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