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REACH Tracker - REACH Compliance Software

The EU REACH regulation stands for Registration, Evaluation and Authorization of Chemicals.  The unprecedented requirements for Substances of Very High Concern or SVHC has added significant obstacles and complexity to companies doing business in the European Union. MeadWestvaco, Rust-Oleum and Stanley Works are among the growing list of manufacturers relying on Actio’s REACH software

REACH software helps maintain SVHC lists and data against REACH requirements such as REACH registration for REACH compliance.

The Candidate List of SVHC changes constantly and is growing.  There are now officially 161 chemicals (the number is soft because it depends on whether you count individual CAS numbers or just categories of substances). Expect bi-annual updates.

Be advised: four new substances have been added on December 17, 2014. The four newest additions are

  1. Cadmium chloride
  2. 1,2-Benzenedicarboxylic acid, dihexyl ester, branched and linear
  3. Sodium peroxometaborate
  4. Sodium perborate; perboric acid, sodium salt

To view the latest and keep a copy for your records, simply DOWNLOAD the PDF VERSION (complimentary) of the list pictured below. The current Candidate List here was updated December 17, 2014, and will be refreshed regularly from databases at Actio:




Instantly get your complimentary DOWNLOAD of the PDF VERSION of the complete Candidate List for your records. The downloadable list is nearly four pages long (pdf).  Only one page is shown here, for brevity. The download is instant, with no registration fields to fill out or waiting for an email — just click and the file will be ready to download to your Desktop or Downloads folder.

REACH compliance has many requirements in the EU and for companies worldwide, including chemical substance registration.  Companies and supply chains not in compliance with REACH regulation face penalties of varying degrees, from severe to hardly a hand-slap.  But reputation and globalization roadblocks that pop up as a result of non-compliance can be worse and more costly than fines. 

REACH software such as Actio's robust SaaS modules can help with everything from managing supplier SVHC information to REACH registration.  Today's software can also help with related compliance issues as SVHC chemicals must also be declared vis-a-vis the CLP regulation, or the classification, labeling, and packaging of chemicals.  The REACH software experts at Actio can answer questions you have about CLP notifications or registration of chemicals.

Actio's REACHtracker has been in use by international manufacturers with a global supply chain for years.  The newest version of the software provides enhanced substance-level SVHC data management for REACH and CLP compliance in today's complex, global, multi-tiered supply chain networks.

REACHtracker automates the general chemical-substance and SVHC data gathering aspect of reach compliance, as well as the supply chain communication and CLP labeling and packaging.  Now global manufacturers efficiently collaborate with hundreds of upstream suppliers — and downstream customers — when gathering and analyzing substance data and product use information for compliance and registration under the REACH regulation. 

Click here to schedule a demo of Actio REACHtracker, the tool used all over the world by companies of all sizes for REACH compliance.  Actio REACH software can be up and running within weeks in most cases.  We invite you to take a few minutes to see how it works.

REACH compliance challenges

The European Union’s new REACH regulation is both comprehensive and far-reaching.  It sets out stringent requirements and challenges for the control of certain substances — and REACH-like regulation is already being pursued in the United States under EPA's TSCA, or Toxic Substances Control Act.  The regulation aims to ensure proper health and safety testing is done on products that are used in manufacturing, made in, or sold into the EU. 

More than 30,000 substances are expected to fall under the scope of REACH.  This requires manufacturers, importers and distributors to identify and assess every substance used in the manufacture or preparation of a product. 

Amounts used or purchased greater than one ton per year must be registered with the European Chemicals Agency or ECHA.  Manufacturers, importers and distributors are also required to identify how their product is ultimately used in order to develop the appropriate exposure scenarios needed for an Extended SDS, which is the nouveau version of the MSDS in the United States.

REACH regulation poses significant supply chain risk for companies selling products and raw materials into and within the EU, also for companies who would like to.  For a product to be REACH compliant, its constituent components must be REACH compliant. 

If a manufacturer is not aware that a substance, regulated by REACH, is used in its product, and if the supplier has not registered that substance, they could face manufacturing disruption, or worse, a product ban in the EU -- along with the attendant PR and branding disaster.

The key to REACH compliance is supplier communication, because you must know every substance and SVHC that makes up every one of your products -- as well as the respective registration status of each substance under the REACH directives. 

Manual tracking methods and inefficient tools like email and spreadsheets that were historically used to collect this very detailed substance-level information from hundreds to thousands of material suppliers are unmanageable.  It's not cost effective either, as it's resource intensive, time-consuming, error-prone, and can lead to product launch delays, brand damage and loss of revenue.

Corporate reorganizations often require substance information to be re-sourced and recalculated as legal entities change.

request information on supply chain materials management solutions

Without effective communication and information sharing between upstream suppliers and downstream customers, manufacturers cannot quickly adapt and respond to dynamic global market conditions fueled by SVHC requirements under the REACH and CLP regulation.  Furthermore, documenting supplier communication exchanges in one central location is essential in keeping compliant with REACH requirements. 

Many companies say they need to regain control over their chemical ingredients -- and in fact their manufacturing on the whole.  The alternative is being managed by chemical regulations on the back end — and be whipped about by product recalls and worse!

REACH compliance solution

Actio’s REACHtracker is the perfect solution for some companies.  REACHtracker is a web-based software system that automates and tracks the otherwise costly and time-consuming process of collecting and managing information required from suppliers and customers to comply with REACH directives. 

By creating a secure, collaborative environment that automates communication to suppliers and customers and facilitates the collection of information online, manufacturers and distributors can significantly improve time to market – while ensuring REACH compliance. 

Raw material and supplier information can be easily uploaded from ERP systems, like SAP, Oracle, PeopleSoft or Microsoft Dynamics AX, or be imported from applications such as Microsoft Excel or Microsoft Access.  Once the supplier information is in the secure, permission-based system, a user can begin defining the email communication to suppliers.  Driven by an integrated questionnaire and email campaign wizard, users can select the email template they want to use, the questions to be included in the online form, and list of suppliers to receive the email. 

When suppliers receive the email, they are directed to click on a URL and enter their log-in credentials to complete the online questionnaire.  The supplier then validates its company and product information and answers a series of questions. Data entered by suppliers is automatically updated in the centralized database and is immediately available to the manufacturer.  The system tracks the progress of each supplier request and, if necessary, a follow-up e-mail can be generated for non-responsive suppliers.  Once substance information is collected, it can be analyzed using REACHtracker’s sophisticated parametric reporting tools that enable data to be rolled up into an unlimited number of custom reports. REACHtracker provides a BOM (bill of materials) view that immediately pinpoints products or ingredients that contain Substances of Very High Concern (SVHC) or other substances being tracked.

Usage data can also be collected from downstream users similarly via REACHtracker e-mail campaign capabilities.  Once downstream users are validated and usage information is updated, the REACHtracker user is automatically updated and notified. 

REACHtracker is fully integrated with Actio’s Enterprise Materials Information Management Solutions enabling automatic substance volume tracking (SVT), prescreening against regulatory lists such as the Substances of Very High Concern (SVHC), analysis of substances for new material purchases, and SDS management, creation and distribution.

REACH software benefitsReach and CLP compliance for REACH Regulation

  • Automates and tracks the progress of collecting data from suppliers and customers – saving you countless hours over manual methods
  • Product and supplier information can be easily uploaded from ERP systems or imported from Microsoft Excel or Access applications
  • Provides instantaneous structured communication through its integrated questionnaire and email campaign wizard - automatically driving data collection from suppliers and customers in a timely manner
  • Provides multi-axis location hierarchies enabling the roll-up of substance information by legal entity, geographic location, and business unit; this is a critical capability in determining how your enterprise may be affected by REACH.
  • Online questionnaire links directly to Actio’s centralized database, providing your company immediate access to supplier information entered or changed
  • REACHtracker supports VeriSign’s Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology ensuring secure flow of data throughout the supply chain
  • Database-driven platform provides unparalleled flexibility to quickly adapt to changes in global market conditions caused by the REACH
  • Full integration with Actio’s Enterprise Materials Information Management modules for substance volume tracking, authorization of new materials and storage, and dissemination of substance-level information
  • Delivered as Software as a Service (SaaS) with no hardware or software to purchase, install or maintain; providing easy implementation and a rapid return on investment

Since companies must collect chemical and substance-level information about their products -- from both suppliers and customers -- and register the data with regulatory authorities, software is not longer a nice-to-have.  It's necessary.  Companies must have a secure and central relational database, a stronghold where materials information is stored and updated. 

Actio’s web-based REACHtracker is precisely that: a platform where suppliers and customers meet and cross-reference their product and compliance data. 

REACHtracker simplifies environmental regulatory compliance by automating the supply chain communications, data-gathering, roll-up, and analysis necessary under the stringent environmental regulation.  Actio REACHtracker 2.0 was released in March of 2010. REACHtracker 2.0 provides still greater time savings, risk mitigation, cost management, as well as product and brand fortification.

Proven, market-driven and market-tested REACHtracker 2.0 features include:

  • Enhanced visual reporting
  • Enhanced downstream communication tools for collecting usage data
  • Managers can see quantity changes and threshold levels at-a-glance
  • Improved supplier permissioned account access and even greater data security
  • Advanced alerts when a supplier has added, changed, or reviewed data
  • Advanced alerts when inventory is approaching and exceeding substance volume limits
  • Automation and tracking data collection from suppliers and customers
  • Bill of Materials (BOM)-level data management
  • Many other real-world-tested features to make REACH compliance easy -- as well as to save you time and money managing this complex and fluctuating multi-dimensional data set

Stanley WorkHow companies solve REACH problems uses REACHtracker to communicate with their supply chain network and manage materials information for REACH requirements -- headquartered in the Belgium location.  They've been successfully using REACHtracker since 2008.  Click the link to read the case study of how REACHtracker worked for them.

Unlike other REACH compliance software, REACHtracker securely handles multi-level (product-level to BOM-level to chemical-level) data management and roll-up— throughout a multi-tiered supply chain.  So, for instance, you can measure at-a-glance how many ounces, say, of cadmium, or of acetone, are in your product(s); you can track where the stuff is coming from; then you can report on the amounts as needed.  REACHtracker makes your product and raw materials inventory both accountable and defensible.