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For 15 years, Actio has produced software for risk management, quality assurance, and environmental, health & safety compliance in a product supply chain. Automating the collection and maintenance of supplier data is central to the Actio difference. Finally, automated compliance is possible with global substance restrictions, from the US conflict mineral rule to EPA, OSHA and TSCA parameters to Europe's REACH, RoHS, WEEE to China RoHS and Korea REACH, GHS and more. Actio's solutions are secure platform-agnostic SaaS that work standalone or connected with any PLM or database, such as SAP or Oracle. 

With Actio, risk management programs have the supporting infrastructure they need. And you can be up and running within weeks. Learn more first hand.

The Actio SaaS platform provides optimal core functionality with optional satellite modules. Below is more information. Speaking with one of our highly-knowledgeable representatives will clarify the solution with the highest value for your unique situation.

Risk management modules, enterprise:

Robust GHS and SDS management software is necessary for compliance today. Companies also require up-to-date chemical databases that automate the tracking, analysis and reporting of substance-level product material data that is being used in product manufacturing facilities, often dispersed around the world. Modules that work best here include:

GHS-Solutions GHS Solution – a robust solution for GHS conversion and document management under the Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling of chemicals.
Safety-data-sheet-vault SDS Vaulta web-based material safety data sheet management module for storing and distributing SDS and MSDS data.
Regulator a material tracking and reporting system that provides substance-level inventory tracking of raw materials, processing chemicals, and finished goods, automatically generating regulatory reports.
Gatekeeper – a workflow environment to centralize and expedite requesting, authorizing, and purchasing materials.
MSDS Author – an efficient authoring service that produces SDS sheets in a variety of languages and formats.

Business Benefits:

  • Prevent hazardous, banned or incompatible materials from being used in products (during the development phase)
  • Prescreening of materials down to the substance level before purchase to support lean manufacturing
  • Manage the approval and track the usage of product materials used in facilities globally to leverage existing inventories and prevent unnecessary purchases
  • Substances are evaluated against Actio’s extensive global regulatory content to support corporate sustainability initiatives
  • Extensive location hierarchy of substance data that is consistent and can be “rolled up” according to business unit, division, legal entity or geography
  • All regulatory issues can be pin-pointed, whether global, national, or local, and acted upon instantly for best practices in material management

Risk management, supplier collaboration:

Besides supporting “internal” customers across the enterprise, Actio’s supplier management platform means compliance with chemical regulations and related agencies from ECHA to EPA.  Actio Supplier Management solutions let manufacturers collaborate with (and scorecard) both suppliers and customers. Modules include:

Conflict Mineral Solution – a software solution to streamline extraction of supply chain information for compliance with conflict mineral legislation.
Material Disclosure – supply chain collaboration software platform for reliable data collection and management; manage risk, reporting and proprietary information related to products, substances, and potential compliance issues.
BOMtrackersupply chain communication hub for acquiring B.O.M. material information.  This module is for managing, producing and distributing material declarations for compliance with RoHS, REACH and WEEE utilizing IPC and JIG standards.
REACHtrackersupply chain collaboration for determining supplier REACH intentions, acquiring exposure scenarios, CLP notification data, and registering substances in IUCLID 5 and REACH IT.

Business Benefits:

  • Collaborative communication infrastructure between manufacturers and suppliers ensures quick, accurate information dissemination
  • Automates the management of data requested and expedites response rates from suppliers
  • Substance or component data is automatically pushed into the Actio Supply Chain Materials database for quick analysis
  • Data is immediately available in Actio’s Materials Information Management Modules enabling informed decision-making across the enterprise
  • Expedites material evaluation and approval time, and in turn, globalizing products
  • Integrates external and internal regulatory data in one consistent platform

Actio has invested over 15 years perfecting web-based, on-demand Software as a Service (SaaS) technology for supplier collaboration -- and Actio continues to build on that solid  foundation as new technologies become available.  Some of Actio's larger and more recognizable clients include Stanley Black&Decker, Green Mountain Coffee, Behr, Textron, MeadWestVaco, Florida Light & Power, AstraZeneca, Honeywell and more, while hundreds of smaller companies also rely on Actio every day.

Benefits of Actio Compliance & Risk Management Software

The Supply Chain Management Software from Actio is delivered as software-as-a-service over the Internet.  This is what most people mean when they say "cloud technology," although technically it is slightly different.  With SaaS, you need just an Internet connection and a password, and you have very secure 24 / 7 / 365 access to the power of the platform and its capabilities – from all locations in the world, regardless of current hardware or software configurations.  It works universally.

  • No hardware or software to buy, install, configure or maintain
  • Pay-as-you-go pricing model – less financial risk by eliminating large, up-front capital expenditure
  • Faster time to benefit – dedicated account manager to assist in set up, as well as client services throughout contract
  • Reliable – leveraging multiple data centers globally, Actio ensures “five nines” of reliability so that your system is “always on”

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IndustryWeek, InformationWeek, eWeek, NetworkWorld, ComputerWorld, Environmental Leader, Circuits Assembly magazine, PCI, Supply Chain Brain, Managing Automation, SAE Aerospace, Chem.Info, Control Engineering and many more have published stories about Actio's groundbreaking thought-leadership and innovative technology and how it helps companies and supply chains manage compliance while these companies administer globalization, risk, and resources.  Find out more.

Operating daily in more than 35 countries in multiple languages, Actio software can be your bridge to risk management and higher quality products.  Email us at or phone toll-free 1-866-522-8102 or connect online: Contact us.