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April 20, 2014
Americans spend $16 billion on Easter


This Easter, the American total spend is estimated at $16 billion. Purchases include food, apparel, candy, gifts. So why is spending actually less than last year? Here's how it breaks down.


Tags: america, economics
April 14, 2014
US Court of Appeals strikes down parts of Conflict Mineral rule

conflict-mineral-faqToday U.S. Court of Appeals ruled that the Securities and Exchange Commission's Conflict Mineral rule under Dodd Frank (Section 1502) violates the First Amendment by forcing companies to "state on their website that any of their products have not been found to be...conflict free." The Court upheld most of the rule, however.  

Tags: conflict mineral, SEC
April 8, 2014
SEC expands conflict minerals FAQ

conflict-mineral-faqIn the newly updated Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) document, the SEC Division of Corporation Finance provides nine (9) additional guidance answers relating to disclosure of conflict minerals sourced from the Democratic Republic of the Congo or adjoining countries.  

Tags: conflict mineral, FAQ, SEC
April 3, 2014
Ford, Volvo, Toyota publish stewardship guidelines


Ford, Daimler, Chrysler, Volvo and many others have teamed up to create Product Stewardship guidelines for their supply chain. 

Tags: automotive, stewardship, supply chain
April 1, 2014
Rare earths may get less rare


Recently the World Trade Organization (WTO) sided with the US, EU and Japan — upholding claims that China violated trade regulations by imposing export restrictions on rare earth elements. Rare earth elements are important, but scarce, elements used in components in the electronic, technology, automotive and defense industries. 

Tags: China, rare earth, policy
March 25, 2014
RoHS July 2014 deadline: medical devices and control instruments


Deadline approaching: as of July 22, 2014, RoHS restrictions will apply to medical devices and monitoring and control instruments. Here we examine what exactly those categories consist of, and we take a look at the RoHS deadlines going forward. 

Tags: Europe, RoHS
March 20, 2014
K-REACH exemptions

K-REACHAn update on Korean REACH regulation: some products are exempt from the regulation's reach, as it were. Medical devices, food, packaging, fertilizer and pesticides are some of the product areas that will continue to fall under current restrictions and will not be affected by the new K-REACH.

Tags: REACH, Korea, chemical regulations
March 12, 2014
Republicans update TSCA

Lautenberg-safe-lawRepublicans in the House of Representatives have introduced draft legislation to update the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA). Industry is warm to it. Environmental groups are not. Here's what you need to know.

Tags: Chemical, TSCA, EPA
March 12, 2014
California Prop 65 updated

california-prop-65-dintCalifornia's Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment has been busy again, this time expanding the so called "Cal Prop 65" list to include trichloroethylene (CAS #79-01-6). Get the complete list of chemicals here.

Tags: CA, california-law, prop-65
March 11, 2014
Boeing 777 vanishes: likely causes

flight-370-malaysiaA Boeing 777-200ER aircraft vanishes, flying over blue seas on a day without significant weather, along with 239 passengers plus crew. What could've happened? Here's a list of possibilities.

Tags: aerospace
March 11, 2014
New K-REACH regulations

K-REACHThe Korean Ministry of Environment is moving forward with its adoption of K-REACH, the Korean version of Europe's REACH regulation. In Q1 of 2014, under K-REACH, two new implementation regulations were introduced. Comment period ends at the end of March. Here's what the two regulations mean and what they will include. 

Tags: REACH, Korea, chemical regulations
March 5, 2014
EU recast of PIC waste regulation now in effect

EU-conflict-mineral-schemeNew regulation around waste import and export has gone into effect in the European Union (EU). It's called the Prior Informed Consent (PIC) regulation and it handles the import and export of specific hazardous chemicals between the European Union and other countries. Effectively, the new recast of PIC is the familiar global Rotterdam Convention, now implemented across the EU. 

Tags: EU, europe, waste, regulation, compliance
March 4, 2014
Europe announces conflict mineral law

EU-conflict-mineral-schemeThe EU Commission intends to align with the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) on conflict minerals parameters and restrictions. But only as a voluntary, opt-in program.  

Tags: conflict mineral, supply chain
February 28, 2014
Canada adds 20 substances to DSL list

new-substances-canadaCanadian officials have added 20 substances to the Domestic Substances List. 

Tags: Canada, chemical, list
February 19, 2014
Compliance salaries keep rising

compliance-enthusiastsIn the past few years, compliance professionals have enjoyed skyrocketing salary increases. The Wall Street Journal calls the compliance role "the hottest job in town."

Tags: compliance, salary
February 17, 2014
EU calls for a renaissance

Industry-renaissance-europeIs it time for a renaissance in Europe? The Commission thinks so. A new communication is a bid for member states to promote a more business-friendly Europe, simplify legislation, and improve efficiency of EU administration. The modern equivalent of the printing press (the internet) has just revolutionized information dissemination — but do constituents have the hunger?

Tags: europe, eu, update
February 12, 2014
EU REACH authorization: 5 new chemicals proposed

substance-data-regulationFive (5) new substances have been proposed for the REACH authorization. A company's supply chain managers, engineering staff, product development and risk management team will want to know.  

Tags: ECHA, authorization, REACH, update
February 11, 2014
Food's 8 most concerning chemicals

Azodicarbonamide-in-breadRed flag: Subway recently promised to remove azodicarbonamide from its bread. But there are also yellow flags: other chemicals in foodstuffs which could also blow up in a public relations firestorm. Here is a list of likely targets. 

Tags: food, supply chain, chemical
February 11, 2014
Subway removes chemical of concern from breads

Azodicarbonamide-in-breadSubway recently promised to remove azodicarbonamide from its bread. But while McDonald's and Burger King and all other fast food chains can find azodicarbonamide in their own supply chains, there's no need for them to change anything just yet: FDA still believes the chemical safe, up to 45 parts per million. Here's the beef, as it were. 

Tags: food, supply chain, chemical
February 6, 2014
Regulation: RoHS gathers no moss

Rohs-semiconductorRoHS keeps rolling. On January 9th, 2014 authorities announced publication of 16 directives. These directives will effect RoHS regulation in the following ways, creating new RoHS exemptions for many categories. This may help businesses in the electronics and medical device fields.

Tags: update, RoHS
February 3, 2014
Conflict-free smelters in the USA

tungsten-smelterFor the first time, a tungsten smelter has been validated "Conflict-Free" by CFSI, and it's located in Pennsylvania. If you're looking for American conflict free smelters, there is also one validated tin smelter in the US, seven tantalum smelters, and seven gold refineries. All US based conflict free smelters / refiners are listed here, downloadable and complimentary.

Tags: supply chain, conflict mineral, mining, sourcing
January 28, 2014
When is first conflict minerals report due?

conflict-mineral-deadlineReporting deadlines for SEC conflict mineral reporting are clear and well defined. The first reporting deadline is in May of this year (2014). The following information will get you out of the dark. 

Tags: supply chain, conflict mineral, deadline, reporting
January 27, 2014
Webinar: REACH guidance

webinar-reachSeven new substances have been selected for the REACH candidate list, for a new total of 151 substances. See the new chemicals, and download the updated list here. As for cadmium: it's deja vu all over again (new form). 

Tags: ECHA, REACH, guidance
January 23, 2014
Canada GHS: YES

YES-GHS-SDS-canadaCanadian officials say they aim to synchronize the dates of implementation of GHS for workplace chemicals in Canada with the final implementation of workplace chemicals in the United States. Here are latest updates, details, references.

Tags: GHS, timeline, Standard, Canada
January 13, 2014
Chemicals in cosmetics: California online database

ca_cosmetic_databaseToday the term "cosmetics" applies to almost everything you use for personal hygiene and improving personal appearance. This can include toothpaste, children's sunblock and hand lotion. So how (proven) safe are the chemicals in products we use? California posts an online database so you can find out.

Tags: chemical, california, restriction, CSP, list
January 8, 2014
Intel solves conflict mineral challenge

intel-chips-conflict-freeIntel CEO Brian Krzanich announces that every chip Intel produces in 2014 will be free of conflict minerals. It took them three years to examine every smelter, every source. But they succeeded at conflict minerals compliance, and so can your company. 

Tags: Intel, supply chain, conflict mineral, solution
January 8, 2014
New chemical alternatives assessment guide

chemical-assessA new chemical assessment guide helps businesses analyze their chemical inventory and determine ways to modify products and processes. 

Tags: chemical, assessment, risk, guidance
January 3, 2014
China's new carbon trading scheme

Asia-air-qualityChina launched carbon emissions trading in 2013, aiming for a national emissions trading scheme that could start as early as 2015. China’s emissions have more than doubled over the last decade. It now contributes about 30% of global greenhouse (GHG) gases and has per capita CO2 emissions that are almost as high as the ones in the European Union

Tags: emissions, China
December 23, 2013
Cal Prop 65 gets DINPed

california-prop-65-dintCalifornia's Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment has been busy again, this time expanding the so called "Cal Prop 65" list to include Diisononyl phthalate, or DINP. 

Tags: ECHA, authorization, REACH, update
December 19, 2013
K-REACH: Korea moves on chemical regulation

K-REACHThere has been some progress on the South Korean "REACH like" toxic chemicals control act. The prolific and productive Korean Ministry of Environment is moving forward with discussions to regulate chemicals in the supply chain. Here's what you need to know now. 

Tags: ECHA, authorization, REACH, update
December 18, 2013
REACH Candidate List: 7 new substances

candidate-list-151-reachSeven new substances have been selected for the REACH candidate list, for a new total of 151 substances. See the new chemicals, and download the updated list here. As for cadmium: it's deja vu all over again (new form). 

Tags: ECHA, authorization, REACH, update
December 16, 2013
FDA regulates antibacterial soaps

Triclosan - the undesirable

New studies raise questions about the actual benefits of chemicals used in antibacterial consumer products. A proposed new rule would require manufacturers to provide more substantial data to demonstrate both the safety and the effectiveness of antibacterial soaps. Comment period starts now.

Tags: triclosan, chemicals, soap, antibacterial
December 16, 2013
Photos from 2013's biggest tech event

cloud-tech-conferenceThe world's largest technology conference was held in San Francisco this year in late November. Well over 100,000 people registered for the event, and it felt like it. Here are a few pictures from the event to give you a feel. If you can go next year -- go.

Tags: assessment, tech, conference, software, SaaS software
December 16, 2013
Notification deadline for 6 REACH-listers

REACH-notification-deadlineThe notification deadline for the six new SVHCs added to the REACH Regulation Candidate List on June 20, 2013 is December 20, 2013. 

Tags: deadline, REACH
December 10, 2013
Purchasing salaries: Buy me love?

purchasing-salariesIn the past few years, purchasing professionals don't seem to have enjoyed skyrocketing salary increases. Once the belles of the ball, purchasing responsibilities are being slowly combined with other areas of expertise – and some of the new material acquisition processes are now automated. Still, most are making more than a few years ago.

Tags: chemical, california, restriction, CSP, list
December 9, 2013
C-suite sweet spot


The Chief Financial Officer is new darling of the C-suite, as far as supply chain management is concerned. A report from Ernst and Young suggests it's time to introduce your supply chain manager to the CFO — and encourage them to spend more time together. Here are the benefits, the rationale, and the rest of the story...

Tags: supply chain
December 5, 2013
Standard procedure: ASTM's rare earth proposal

rare-earth-industry-standardThe ASTM Declarable Substances Committee is developing a Rare Earth Elements (REE) Standard. Here's what you need to know.

Tags: supply chain, rare earth, standard
November 29, 2013
Safety dance: recalls rise 61%


Product recalls in the US have risen over 50% in the past five years. Now, the US Consumer Product Safety Commission is authorized to seek fines from manufacturers up to $15 million—just for failing to report product hazards and violations. 

Tags: Product, safety, BOMtracker
November 18, 2013
BPA - the data game

echa-msc-bpaEuropean authorities agree that BPA and five other chemicals require additional study before toxicity determinations can be made. 

Tags: EPA, chemical, assessment, risk
November 11, 2013
Update: EU conflict minerals status

EU-conflict-mineral-planThe EU Commission intends to align with OECD on conflict minerals parameters and restrictions. But there's more, as revealed in Brussels at a recent industry summit where conflict mineral policy makers, media makers and lobbyists met. 

Tags: conflict mineral, SEC, supply chain, IPC
November 5, 2013
Golden handcuffs: the con in Congo

conflict-goldThe Enough Project says that Dodd Frank pressures have notably curbed dirty tantalum, tin and tungsten operations in the eastern Congo. So do we still need to worry about conflict gold?

Tags: conflict mineral, SEC, supply chain, gold
October 29, 2013
The next GHS deadline

GHS-SDS-manageThe GHS implementation timeline shows the first major deadline to be December 1, 2013. Here's timeline information to facilitate business planning and assessment. 

Tags: GHS, timeline, deadline, Communication, Standard, OSHA
October 28, 2013
5 new chemical intentions

CLP-intentionsEurope continues to try to harmonize chemical classification data. Five new intentions [plus one on October 30th: Ammonium salts] for harmonised classification and labeling have been added to the Registry of Intentions.

October 21, 2013
Why conflict minerals law: the big picture

conflict-mineral-visionThe SEC is investing in Conflict Minerals restriction (and so should you) as part of a 5-10 year economic growth plan. Africa is the next Asia, a burgeoning and formidable consumer base, not to mention potential manufacturing region. The SEC effort towards central African stability may cost American businesses some dollars, but it actually makes a lot of sense.

Tags: conflict mineral, SEC, supply chain
October 18, 2013
What is Dodd Frank Section 1504?


Like its more infamous sibling (Section 1502, the conflict minerals rule), Dodd Frank Section 1504 also deals with extraction of resources, associated monies, and related disclosure. Here's what you need to know.

Tags: SEC, supply chain, transparency
October 9, 2013
Your salary: Compliance Officers

compliance-salariesIs your salary fair? Average US Compliance Officer salaries increased by 50% since 2002. But the dollar-devil is in the details. See how it breaks down with a helpful infographic and supporting data charts.

Tags: chemical, california, restriction, CSP, list
October 8, 2013
Your mist is on my list: Calif watchlist of 165 chemicals

ca_mist-on-listIs your mist on the list? Review this list to find out. California has published the new list of chemicals that manufacturers must review and – in some cases – replace in products. Here, you may download a copy of the 165 chemicals for review. (Download is complimentary).

Tags: chemical, california, restriction, CSP, list
October 1, 2013
Papa SNUR: LCPFAC chemicals

epa-carpet-chemical-importEPA's new SNUR for is for any entity intending to manufacture (including import) or process any long-chain perfluoroalkyl carboxylic (LCPFAC) chemicals for use in carpets or carpet products. They must submit a notification to EPA at least 90 days before beginning the activity. 

Tags: EPA, chemical, assessment, risk
September 26, 2013
CA alternative chemical rule unveiled

industry-regulationCalifornia health officials today will announce the new chemical regulation known as CSP, or Safer Consumer Products regulation. This is a brave new world of US regulation. Here's what you need to know, with links to key documents.

Tags: chemical, california, green chemistry
September 17, 2013
Outlook on EPA's ChemView

epa-digital-reportingNew digital database from EPA: ChemView. Similar to its predecessors, there's room for an expanded vista. We start with about 1500 listed substances. Here's what you need to know about ChemView. 

Tags: EPA, chemical, assessment, risk

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