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January 30, 2015
Your Salary: More in 2014

compliance-enthusiastsCompensation for civilian workers increased 2.2 percent for the 12-month period ending December 2014. The U.S. Department of Labor reports that 2014 saw the most significant increase in salaries since 2008. 

Tags: compliance, salary
January 21, 2015
The Size of Boeing's Supply


How big, exactly, is it?

Tags: aerospace, supply chain
January 12, 2015
Latest REACH Authorization List

reach-auth-listThere are 31 substances that have to be authorized for use in Europe (under REACH regulation). The substances range from phthlates to pigments. Download the current list here.

Tags: REACH, SVHC, authorization
January 12, 2015

new-epa-snur-TDIEPA proposes another Significant New Use Rule (SNUR) for a fairly common substance family, chemicals called Toluene Diisocyanates (TDI). This has potential significant reporting requirements, as TDI persists in just about every manufacturer's supply chain, somewhere.

Tags: EPA, chemical, SNUR
January 6, 2015
Video: Factory Explosion

explosionA factory exploded yesterday south of the border. A witness stood by and caught the blast on camera. This video is unforgettable. It's also something we can learn from.

Tags: worker, safety, facility
January 2, 2015

OSHA-logoMost permissible exposure limits for hazardous chemicals have not been updated by OSHA since 1971. A new effort is underway to bring attention to the situation. Will the US finally update permissible exposure limits or PELs? The answer might be Yes.

Tags: chemicals, PELs, OSHA
December 22, 2014

new-epa-snurEPA announced last week Significant New Use Rules (SNURs), significant action to restrict known hazardous chemicals both in workplaces and in products used by Americans. Get the list of chemicals targeted and information on why the action was taken. Also, get a downloadable report on all changes to the TSCA work plan.

Tags: EPA, chemical, SNUR
December 17, 2014
6 New Chemicals: REACH Candidate List

reach-candidate-list-161Six new substances of very high concern (SVHCs) have been added to the REACH Candidate List, plus one entry updated. Download the complete, updated list here.

Tags: REACH, SVHC, chemicals, list
December 11, 2014
Conflict Minerals: Live Free or Die

company-files-conflict-mineralIn November, the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals granted the petitions of the SEC and Amnesty International for panel rehearing in connection with the conflict minerals case, National Association of Manufacturers, Inc. v. SEC. 

Tags: conflict mineral, SEC, compliance
December 10, 2014
Guns For Girls

women-and-gunsIt may be the sure-fire gift of the season: firearms. In 2014, more women than ever bought handguns and learned how to use them. Gun manufacturers are well aware of the trend.  

Tags: manufacturing, trends
December 4, 2014
ISO 14001 Environmental Standards


There are many aspects to environmental management within an organization. Here's what you need to know to prepare for an ISO 14000 standard series, also known as "the Environmental Standards."

Tags: environment, ISO 14000
November 24, 2014
New RoHS Restricted Chemicals


Manufacturers will want to be aware that the next wave of restricted chemical-substances under the RoHS directive is forthcoming, and phthalates are leading the list. (HBCDD has been scratched.) Find out the substances to watch and the dates of official notice.

Tags: Europe, RoHS, substances
November 19, 2014
The New Material Approval Workflow

Chemical-industry-USANew global regulations, such as REACH and RoHS in Europe, as well as domestic initiatives such as those in California, are adding to the complexities of international commerce and impact every manufacturer wanting to transport or sell products in those markets. A lot of risk can be mitigated at the new material approval stage, with the right workflow tools in support.

Tags: economics, risk
November 7, 2014
New Conflict Minerals Reporting Template v3.02

conflict-mineral-conferenceThe new Conflict Minerals Reporting Template version 3.02 has been released. The Conflict Minerals Reporting Template is a vital tool for companies around the world to gather information about the source of materials in their products, and the smelters and refiners that processed those materials.  

Tags: conflict mineral, CFSI, CMRT
October 29, 2014
GHS, Get Ready And Label

labels-ghs-CLPUnder GHS, companies are required to label products according to the new scheme of pictograms and the new labeling requirements. Developing and maintaining a labeling program for a business of any size is not a simple task. Here are some tricks of the trade.

Tags: GHS, OSHA, label
October 28, 2014
Five Steps To GHS Compliant SDSs

transforming-GHSGHS is a simple concept: uniformity. So what is the best way to corral all the critical chemical information, warnings, health and safety precautions, substance and quantity information that already exists — or should exist — in a Safety Data Sheet library? For a clear path to GHS compliance, here is a five step plan.

October 27, 2014
GHS Is NOT Making It Easier (Opinion)

cloud-storm-or-safe-havenThe Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling of chemicals (GHS) is coming online around the world, ready or not. Is GHS making chemical management easier? A chemical engineer doesn't think so.

October 24, 2014
Dow Chemical and DuPont $Billion Cost Cuts


Dow Chemical and DuPont both have announced intentions to cut costs by $1 billion over the next three to five years. But that's where the similarities end. Dow is the golden child right now.

Tags: chemical, industry
October 15, 2014
Next REACH Deadline: Small is Big

reach-auth-listThe next major REACH registration deadline concerns substances manufactured in or imported into Europe in relatively small quantities, just 1 to 100 tonnes per year. ECHA is encouraging companies to prepare now for registration in those ranges. Low volumes represent a big compliance challenge because many small to mid-sized businesses fall into the category of businesses who use or ship chemicals in that range.

Tags: REACH, deadline
October 8, 2014
Notes from CFSI Conference

conflict-mineral-conferenceLast week, the CFSI held its annual conference on industry and conflict minerals. Actio was there, we met, we spoke, we collaborated. Here are notes from the event. Subjects include: conflict minerals big picture, solutions, progress over past year, 2013 SEC filing takeaways, 2013 filing missteps, best practices, and continuous improvement. 

Tags: conflict mineral, CFSI
October 7, 2014
NFL Star Aaron Rodgers Takes On Conflict Minerals

white-house-conflict-mineralsPerhaps the most famous quarterback in the NFL takes a public stand on conflict minerals. Aaron Rodgers of the Green Bay Packers has something to say about smartphones, gadgets, and how there may be blood on our button-pressing fingers. He's throwing a Hail Mary — but it's for a good cause. 

Tags: conflict mineral
October 6, 2014
Will OSHA Extend GHS Compliance Deadline?

OSHA-GHS-regulations-110 Nine trade associations have teamed up and petitioned OSHA to postpone implementation dates for labels and Safety Data Sheets (SDS) under the new GHS-influenced HCS. But not for everyone — the postponement would be for chemical product formulators and distributors only. 

Tags: GHS, deadline, Hazard, Communication, Standard, OSHA
October 1, 2014
Taiwan's REACH Regulation (TCSCA)

white-house-conflict-mineralsTaiwan has revised their Toxic Chemical Substance Control Act (TCSCA). The Act will adopt an REACH-style registration scheme where manufacturers and importers must register chemical substances prior to entering Taiwan’s market.

Tags: asia, Taiwan, substance, regulation
September 25, 2014
Electronics Industry: IEC 62474 Updated

white-house-conflict-mineralsThe electrical and electronics industry and its supply chain use material declarations to track and declare specific information about the material composition of its products. To harmonize requirements, IEC 62474 provides an International Standard for the exchange of material composition data. Yesterday, the IEC 63474 was updated.

Tags: electronics, EIC, material disclosure
September 22, 2014
ECHA: Requesting Feedback on SVHCs

reach-auth-listUnder EU REACH regulation ECHA must periodically recommend new chemicals to be listed on the REACH Authorization list. ECHA is considering recommending a cache of substances. Review the list, comment until November 30th.

September 16, 2014
Apple's Conflict Mineral Policy

apple-conflict-mineral-policyEver wonder what Apple's official policy is on conflict minerals in its supply chain and products? We break down the company's official policy for you, and we see how it stacks up to Intel's. 

Tags: conflict mineral, SEC, compliance, list, Dodd-Frank
September 9, 2014
New: Global Conflict Mineral Smelter & Refinery List

white-house-conflict-mineralsThe U.S. Department of Commerce has published a list of over 400 known conflict minerals processing facilities around the world. These smelters and refineries process tantalum, tin, tungsten or gold — known as 3TG. Find out more, and get the list, here. 

Tags: conflict mineral, SEC, compliance, list, Dodd-Frank
September 3, 2014
OSHA GHS Regulation Deadlines

OSHA-GHS-regulations-110 Under OSHA's GHS rule, 1.4 million Safety Data Sheets must be converted to the new format by May 31, 2015. Companies are working on it as completion dates loom. Here's the OSHA GHS regulatory timetable— in graphical format. 

Tags: GHS, timeline, deadline, Hazard, Communication, Standard, OSHA
August 27, 2014
REACH Authorization List: 9 New SVHCs

reach-auth-listUnder EU REACH regulation nine (9) new SVHCs have been listed on the Authorization List. The nine includes forms of arsenic, potassium and formaldehyde.  Uses range from solvents and anti-corrosion formulas to curing agents. Meet the new nine.

August 20, 2014
PIC Your Poison?

EU-PIC-system-updateThe Prior Informed Consent Regulation handles the import and export of certain hazardous chemicals to and from the European Union. It implements the Rotterdam Convention on prior informed consent procedure for certain hazardous chemicals and pesticides in international trade. This is your friendly reminder about the September 2014 deadline.

Tags: EU, europe, regulation, compliance, chemical
August 18, 2014
Canada GHS: It's On

YES-GHS-SDS-canadaDespite the glacial pace of Canadian GHS, officials have finally published a proposed regulation. The proposal aims to synchronize GHS implementation dates for workplace chemicals in Canada along with the final implementation of GHS in the United States. Here's the latest.

Tags: GHS, Canada
August 14, 2014
Rolls Royce Wins First REACH Decision

rolls-royce-winRolls Royce wants to use the REACH-listed plasticiser DEHP during the diffusion bonding and manufacture of aero engine fan blades — the European Commission granted authorization through February 21, 2022.

August 6, 2014
Halliburton's Fracking Disaster, Ohio

fracking-fire-ohioAn explosion in late June 2014 at a Halliburton fracking site in Ohio set off another explosion, which ignited a truck explosion. And then another truck, until explosions happened in rapid succession and didn't stop. Thousands of gallons of chemicals used to make fracking fluid slid into public waterways. And then? Halliburton was able to avert disclosing chemical identities to authorities. Here's why.

Tags: risk, material disclosure
August 5, 2014
FDA: What is Gluten Free?

what-is-gluten-freeWhat is "gluten free?" The FDA has a new definition. FDA set a gluten limit of less than 20 ppm (parts per million) in foods that carry the label "gluten free." An estimated 5 percent of foods formerly labeled "gluten-free" contained 20 ppm or more of gluten.

Tags: disclosure, FDA, food, label
August 5, 2014
Chemical Industry: Bigger in Texas

Chemical-industry-USA"2014 has proven to be another year of robust and sustained expansion for the American chemical industry, now larger than either the motor vehicle or aerospace industries," says ACC President Cal Dooley. Trends in new facility openings demonstrate that the U.S. chemical industry is indeed getting bigger. Especially in Texas.

Tags: economics, corporate, risk, material disclosure
August 4, 2014
What is Material Disclosure?

white-house-conflict-mineralsWhat is "Material Disclosure?" Wikipedia says it's a software solution (and it is). To the U.S. Supreme Court, what qualifies as 'material' is of fluid criteria. Nevertheless, tracking and disclosing such information can benefit corporate leadership — and here's how.

Tags: economics, corporate, risk, material disclosure
August 1, 2014
Only 20% of Companies File SEC Conflict Minerals Docs

white-house-conflict-mineralsThe SEC originally expected about 6000 companies to file conflict minerals reports and Form SDs for the May 31, 2014 deadline. Stats show that only about 1/5th of those companies actually did file. What happened? 

Tags: conflict mineral, SEC, compliance
July 21, 2014
ECHA-Term Extended, 54 Added

substance-data-regulation54 new terms have been added to ECHA's glossary and translation tool for chemical related terms. This database is quite helpful. Unless, of course, if you do nothing but chemical classification related activities every day, and you speak 23 languages. Otherwise, you will benefit from knowing about this.

Tags: ECHA, chemical, GHS
July 14, 2014
Conflict Minerals, Meet US Sanctions

company-files-conflict-mineralLast week President Obama signed a new Executive Order that would bring increased sanctions against entities doing business with militia groups in Africa's resource-rich central region. From SEC disclosure requirements to new sanction parameters and penalties, conflict minerals aren't getting off easy as far as US laws are concerned. 

Tags: conflict mineral, compliance, sanctions
July 10, 2014
Philips: Circular Economics in Cities

white-house-conflict-mineralsPhilips, the Fortune 500 technology company, is embracing the Circular Economy. But manufacturing for a circular economy is more about the bottom line than about Birkenstocks— here's how companies spin gold from zero waste.

Tags: economics, waste
July 2, 2014
GAO for Gold

white-house-conflict-mineralsBe aware of the new Government Accountability Office (GAO) study on Conflict Minerals and Smelters. The report concludes that while options for responsible sourcing are growing and will continue to do so, we need more and better smelter information.

Tags: conflict mineral, SEC, compliance
June 24, 2014
Supreme Court Sides With EPA on Emissions

court-epa-emissionEPA called it a win for efforts to reduce carbon pollution yesterday when the conservative U.S. Supreme Court largely upheld EPA's power to regulate emissions. EPA said the ruling allows them — the EPA — as well as states and other authorities to continue to require carbon pollution limits in permits for the largest pollution sources. But the Supreme Court's decision was by no means unanimous.

Tags: EPA, emissions, rule
June 23, 2014
Next RoHS Restrictions


The next wave of restricted substances under the RoHS directive is being created right now. DIBP and PVC seem most likely. There are ifs, ands & buts. Here's the latest behind-the-scenes info on likely RoHS restrictions.

Tags: Europe, RoHS
June 19, 2014
CLP Update

CLP-regulation-updateThe European Commission on June 5, 2014 adopted Regulation 605/2014/EU, the sixth adaptation to scientific and technical progress to the CLP Regulation (1272/2008/EC), adding changes to Annex IV (classification and labeling). 

Tags: eu, CLP, clp regulation
June 17, 2014
REACH Regulation: 4 New SVHCs

substance-data-regulationUnder EU REACH regulation four (4) new SVHCs have been listed on the Candidate List for authorization: Cadmium chloride; 1,2-Benzenedicarboxylic acid, dihexyl ester, branched and linear; Sodium peroxometaborate; Sodium perborate; and perboric acid, sodium salt. Find out more and download a fresh copy of the updated list. 

Tags: ECHA, REACH, update, SVHC
June 9, 2014
California Prop 65 Updated

california-prop-65-dintCalifornia's Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment has been busy again, recently updating the "Cal Prop 65" list to change listing basis for Hexafluoroacetone and Phenylphosphine. Get the complete list of chemicals here. Updated June 6, 2014.

Tags: CA, california-law, prop-65, risk management
June 6, 2014
Photos From AIHce San Antonio

workplace_safetyWhat happens in San Antionio doesn't stay in San Antonio! This year the American Industrial Hygiene Conference Event added Product Stewardship to the bullpen — and then the conference team hit it out of the park. Here are some photos to give you a flavor. 

Tags: conference, AIHA, stewardship
June 2, 2014
Conflict Mineral Reports Lack Substance

company-files-conflict-mineralIndustry watchdog group says companies are filing "unsubstantial" conflict minerals reports. Failure to disclose meaningful information suggests companies don't know what's going on in their supply chains, says one group. Will the SEC be harsh in penalties for flimsy filings? We don't know yet. But the media and public opinion are poised to pounce.

Tags: conflict mineral, SEC, compliance
May 29, 2014
ROI of Workplace Safety

workplace_safetySome safety programs can and do save millions of dollars per year. This is something EHS professionals need to be able to speak to management about. Fully understanding all the costs associated with a workplace injury can be difficult. But here's a simplified way to look at how safety affects the bottom line. 

Tags: risk, money, OSHA, safety
May 28, 2014
Cefic Publishes ESCom

EU-conflict-mineral-schemeThe latest version of the ESCom phrase catalogue was released on May 27, Cefic has announced. The catalogue includes release notes on changes from previous version.  

Tags: cefic, exposure scenario, chemical, standards

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