Founded in 1996, Actio's proven software solution is in daily operation in over 35 countries. Actio is proud to have produced the first substance-based materials management system. While other companies created software to organize materials-level data, Actio introduced powerful software that managed materials data and related documents using the substances in those materials as the foundation data. Actio software tracks products, a bill of materials, and substances all at once.

Lauren Cramer, CSP, CHMM, MBA, an executive at Becton Dickinson [BD], a Fortune 500 global manufacturing and distribution company, recently said the following about Actio, which demonstrates key facets of the company vision:  

"BD had to implement an extensive SDS management system across many geographic regions and regulatory jurisdictions.  Actio's excellent customer service and flexibility helped us accomplish this task through a smooth transition."

Excellent customer service is at the core of every Actio experience. Service includes a single, dedicated professional who is there to guide and assist through the duration of the contract; and behind that person is a team of professionals should the need arise — everyone pulling together. Over the years we've found that this level of partnership with customers is the superior way to most effectively manage implementations, upgrades, customizations, trainings, plans for additional product roll-outs, and even everyday questions. 

Actio's customer-centric approach is also reflected in the technology. Our solutions are and have always been platform agnostic, meaning Actio products work with all ERP systems such as SAP or Oracle, all portals such as SharePoint, all databases, app servers and other software but Actio solutions are not dependent on one particular brand or type. SaaS software is quick to implement or "turn on," and requires none of the maintenance costs of an internal IT department. Our software is configurable to fit a customer's existing workflow and processes.

Security of client data is of top concern for Actio. As such, our infrastructure is regularly tested for security and our hosting environment is a SSAE 16 SOC Type II accredited and is tested annually. Actio is certified with Safe Harbor. Actio solutions are architected from the ground up with security in mind, employing a unique relational database structure that manages regulatory information, substance data, and supplier content in a single platform. The platform, delivered as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) provides a supply chain materials information management solution that creates a single source of accurate substance data that you can use in multiple ways, from risk management to environmental management to compliance with OSHA.

The Actio platform also provides a collaborative infrastructure where suppliers, internal stakeholders and customers share permissioned data and reports to quickly adapt and react to current global market conditions. Actio's supplier data management tools, for example, hold each company's supplier identities separately and discreetly, not exposed for other suppliers to view and assess. Some newer systems on the market expose such strategic information to anyone else in the pool of suppliers. Not Actio. With Actio, your data is secure on every level.

Technical leadership is how Actio helps customers stay ahead and keep a competitive advantage. Not only did Actio pioneer substance based product data and document management for compliance, for leaner operations and for improved materials management, we were first to market with revolutionary tools to gather and organize supplier data when chemicals in a supply chain started becoming a critical issue for business. Our "Material Disclosure" compliance platform hit the market with such warm reception that Gartner wrote a special report on the software, heralding it as both innovative and disruptive technology.

But Actio doesn't rest on laurels. We've spent the past four years re-architecting our solutions, so that they run even faster, are better, stronger, easier to use, and more secure than ever. Actio keeps building and improving so you can too.

Actio’s secure SaaS solution creates a single repository of accurate, up-to-date substance data, as well as providing a collaborative infrastructure for suppliers, internal stakeholders and customers that keeps suppler information and user identities confidential. This means companies can quickly adapt and react to ever-changing global market conditions, quality standards and compliance mandates.

Actio's product line includes solutions such as the ground-breaking "SDS VAULT" a market leading solution for GHS. Actio is also proud of its conflict minerals solution and it's flagship product, "MATERIAL DISCLOSURE." Actio solutions are enterprise architected for manufacturers who want control over their disclosure, documents and reporting. 

Actio is proud of its successful track record delivering a consistent return on investment for hundreds of customers, including dozens in the Global 1000, and invites you to schedule a conversation with one of our knowledgeable representatives. Find out more about how Actio can work with you today.